March 30, 2015


What is Mobile Health Market News?

Mobile Health Market News is an online channel that monitors information on the rapidly evolving mHealth market. We gather information from multiple sources, filter it, and put it into perspective.

The Challenge

The convergence of the health, communications, and technology industries into the emerging mHealth sector is creating a chaotic and scattered information streams.  There are an overwhelming number of fragmented information sources as each of the vertical sectors within the three converging markets report from their perspectives.

The Mobile Health Market News Approach

We distinguish between mobile health apps that function as therapeutic medical devices and mobile health apps that are essentially consumer appliances.

We make this distinction because in our view, mobile health will eventually diverge into two distinct markets: a regulated industry, deployed by hospitals, doctors and ACOs, and an unregulated direct-to-consumer industry of diet, exercise, and wellness products. These two industries will feature dramatically different investment, pricing, ROI, marketing and management issues.

Mobile Health Market News will rise above the noise to lead you through the mHealth landscape and focus on key executive-level industry topics, such as: mHealth regulation, mobile health issues relating to treating, monitoring and diagnosing disease, insurance and reimbursement for mHealth products, and related legal and financial issues.

Additionally, our site focuses on tracking partnerships and collaborations, venture capital investments, and financial transactions.

Please contact the editorial staff with any questions or comments.