October 20, 2014


VIVUS Launches mHealth App for Weight Management

By: On March 7, 2013

VIVUS has launched a free mobile app to help users lose weight by creating fitness goals, tracking activity and calories, and sending personalized motivational messages and tips. Nothing particularly new…

New mHealth App for Urinalysis Debuts

By: On March 6, 2013

Spitting on your cell phone was just the beginning: A new mHealth app allows you to analyze your urine using your smartphone.
uChek analyzes urine samples for the presence of…

Patients Go Wireless in San Diego Hospital

By: On February 27, 2013

Palomar Medical Center is equipping some of its patients with wristband devices that will provide continuous monitoring of core vital signs, freeing them from being tethered to bulky devices.

Three Telemedicine Programs Demonstrate Value in a New Study

By: On February 22, 2013

A recent study by the Commonwealth Fund highlights three telemedicine programs that have delivered proven value by improving the quality of care and reducing costs.
The Veterans Health Administration’s (VHA)…

New Report Cites Lack of Standardization in Wireless Monitor Market

By: On February 19, 2013

The lack of standards for wireless sensors and technologies used in mHealth devices and wireless patient monitors may threaten the growth of the sector according to a new report from…

Study Supports Potential of Kinect in Health Care Delivery

By: On February 19, 2013

A study by a team of researchers at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock found that the Microsoft Kinect device has the potential to become an important platform for…

Patients Dislike Digital Diagnosis According to New Study

By: On February 12, 2013

Clinical decision support tools used by medical professionals to diagnose patients are seen by mHealth enthusiasts as a way to free-up physician time and improve outcomes. But they also lead…

17-Year-Old mHealth Developer Honored by Intel

By: On January 29, 2013

Among the 40 finalists for the 2013 Intel Science Talent Search is a 17-year-old high school senior who is working on a mobile phone platform that will allow for low…

FDA Clears Telemedicine Robot

By: On January 25, 2013

The FDA has granted 510(k) regulatory clearance to the RP-VITA, a telepresence robot created by iRobot and inTouch Health. The device allows doctors to consult with patients in remote hospitals…

Remote Patient Monitoring Market Projected to Grow at 27% Annually Through 2017

By: On January 23, 2013

A new report estimates that 2.8 million patients worldwide are using dedicated remote devices to monitor their health. That figure does not include patients using monitoring apps through their mobile…