April 1, 2015

Happtique Releases Final Standards for mHealth App Certification

By: On February 27, 2013

Today Happtique has published its final standards for the certification of mobile health apps under the Happtique Health App Certification Program (HACP). As we reported in the Fall Happtique has been working with private and public sector stakeholders to develop a third-party certification program to help both consumers and medical professionals evaluate mHealth apps.

“The vast sea of mobile health apps—over 40,000 across all platforms—can be overwhelming,” said Ben Chodor, CEO of Happtique. “Healthcare professionals and consumers need third-party certification to verify that the app they are prescribing or downloading delivers credible content, contains safeguards for user data, and functions as described.”

The publication of the Happtique standards is a welcome development at a time when more and more concerns are being raised about the value of mHealth apps.